About The Doctor

Dr. Amit Singh did his MBBS from the prestigious King George’s Medical College(KGMC) Lucknow and his MS in surgery from LLRM Medical College, Meerut. He got his HAIR TRANSPLANT Training under Dr. Sanjeev Vasa, who is one of the pioneers of hair transplants in India. He has been doing Hair transplants for the last seven years by innovative FEATHER TOUCH TECHNOLOGY for maximum hair growth.

We, Revert Hair Transplant Centre, situated at Rajpur Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand is a well-acclaimed hair care and treatment center providing a range of hair treatments while being certified by most of the famous institutions. Our clinic is honored to have provided care to hundreds of patients to date, including patients that visit us each week from around the world. We understand hair-related problems because that’s all we do in our practice. It’s what we see every day. It’s what we research. It’s what we teach. This area of medicine is our calling and we want to beat hair disorders as much as our patients. We know the diagnostic and treatment tools needed for the fight and that’s exactly what we use.


-We are the only Hair Clinic in Dehradun offering World’s Most Advanced Feather Touch Hair Transplant.

: Safest Hair Transplant Technique
: Maximum hairs in a single day sitting.
: Affordable

-We have a permanent, experienced dedicated staff.

-Our Centre is owned and run by Dr. Amit Singh who is a Qualified Registered Hair Transplant Surgeon

-All the Hair Transplant procedures and Hair Treatments will be done at our Dehradun center only. You don’t have to travel anywhere to get the procedure done.

-Thus you will get Advance Quality treatment from a Qualified Doctor in your own city.

-Leave your WhatsApp number in the contact us form for further details or call us at 8979923455.

REVERT Hair Transplant Centre
Doon Paradise Apartments,
Adjoining Maruti Showroom,
Near OSHO Resorts,
Rajpur Road,

What is a FEATHER TOUCH TECHNIQUE in Hair Transplant?

-Results of Hair Transplant depend on three factors:

-1. There should be minimal manipulation of hair roots during their extraction.

-2. The time between extraction and reimplantation should be minimum.

-3. The skin should be healthy where roots are being implanted.


-1. Hair roots are not even touched during extraction and implantation with the help of very innovative SAVA implanters (Only Centre in Uttarakhand to use this advanced technology)

2. The technique is faster reducing the time between extraction and implantation of hair roots.

3. The health of your scalp skin is examined by our Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Amit Singh before any hair treatment is started.

We have a nearly 100% growth rate of transplanted hair roots

-Call us at 8979923455 for appointments or leave your WhatsApp number in the contact with us form for more details.